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Support Services | Pfirestorm


Standard Support Services | Executive Support Services | Succession Services


The following standard support is provided: –

  • During working hours (from Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays CAT 08h00am to CAT 16h00pm)
    • Via a secure proprietary communications channel
    • Whatsapp, Telephone, SMS (same day response)
    • Skype – by arrangement only
    • Live Chat
  • We respond to requests such as: –
    • Explanation of PRODUCT function
    • Assistance and guidance on how the functions operate
    • Assist in providing advice on the maintenance of the PRODUCT database and profile information
    • Attend to technical feedback on the PRODUCT function and suggestions.
  • We proactively: –
    • Provide feedback of the PRODUCT Activity by users
    • Provide feedback on technical and functional development of the PRODUCT
    • Conduct service level feedback questionnaires to assist in maintaining service levels
    • Assist in identifying and introducing efficient use of the platform across all disciplines in line with the organisations Value Proposition.


In addition to the Standard Support Services, our clients may seek a more defined, focused, dedicated and bespoke support service. This includes but is not limited to:-

  • Administration support to manage and update system functionality in respect of technical requirements
  • Consulting support in establishing the organisations value proposition and then developing operational processes and policies to deliver the Value Proposition from the ground up – from design, implementation and monitoring.
  • Generating bespoke business intelligence for organisation employment

Beyond this, the Executive Support Services is tailored to meet the clients exacting standards and specifications.


Succession planning is vital to the survival of any organisation which expects to operate beyond existing leadership and staff.

Pfirestorm offers an integrated service that looks at:

  • Training and development of employees and management in all area of business discipline. This is a 12 to 24 month mentorship program which is done in real time and includes active participation in problem-solving throughout.
  • Co-design and implementation of a Business Continuity Plan.
  • Co-design and implementation of a Retention Plan.

All of the above is completed hand in hand with an understanding of how this subject matter is designed, included and delivered in the day to day business functions using Pfirestorm.