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Improve your business – Here’s how!

12 Business-Improving Articles From 2013

We wish you continued success in the New Year. And to help, here are a dozen articles to assist you with social media, online marketing, PR, writing, the greatest wealth transfer and more:

1. Preparing For A Wave Of Wealth Transfers
A huge wave of wealth transfers is expected in the coming years and financial advisors who prepare for it will be most successful.

2. Write More Effective Communications
Many individuals and organizations do not understand how to write effectively in the digital age.

3. Three LinkedIn New Year’s Resolutions
Every New Year brings another chance to recognize areas for improvement and act on them. Better networking is an area where everyone can improve.

4. Four Tips To Get More PR
If you want more publicity, leverage these social media best practices.

5. Your Most Reviewed Online Information
Time and time again, prospects are researching you online and are looking at your “About Us” page. It’s time to take a fresh look at that information.

6. The Mindset Of A Successful Multi-Family Office
The second annual Creating an Exceptional Family Office Experience conference provided great advice for those who want to get serious about focusing on clients with significant wealth.

7. Converting Leads Online
Are your online marketing efforts creating a pipeline of new business? Probably not, as most Web sites are in the dark ages when it comes to capturing prospect information and using it effectively.

8. Humanizing With Humor
Do you make your clients, prospects and staff laugh? You should.

9. The Increasing Power of Pictures
Social media has a few secrets to be successful, and one of them is the use of photos.

10. 10 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers
Advisors often neglect Twitter, but it’s a tool that can be used to build a large online following.

11. 11 TipsOn Using Social Media
Senior executives share social media advice and insights at LinkedIn’s Finance Connect Conference.

12. Marketing Lingo You Must Add To Your Vocabulary
Flawsome. Snackable. Marknetting. Mocial. Remember those four words, because they can help you drastically improve the way you digitally market your practice.

Also, read 12 articles from both 2011 and 2012.

From all of us at Byrnes Consulting and Financial Advisor, have a Happy New Year!

Mike Byrnes is a national speaker and owner of Byrnes Consulting, LLC. His firm provides consulting services to help advisors become even more successful. Need help with business planning, marketing strategy, business development, client service and management effectiveness? Read more at and follow @ByrnesConsultin.

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